What Can Guys Do with an Unplanned Pregnancy?

Wow! Has your partner just announced she’s pregnant? If the pregnancy was unplanned, the news sends shockwaves through your body. What are you supposed to do now? Take a deep breath. You’re needed now more than ever.

Confirm Her Pregnancy

How did she discover she was pregnant? Is her period late, or did she take a home pregnancy test? 

If she hasn’t taken a pregnancy test, visit the Pregnancy Center for free, confidential testing. Or confirm the results of her home test with one of our lab-quality tests. We can schedule her for a free ultrasound scan if our pregnancy test result is positive.

An ultrasound can confirm how far she is in her pregnancy (gestational age), whether the pregnancy is growing, and its location. These are important factors as you consider your next steps. 

Stay Supportive of Her

You and your partner are processing some big news. Her emotions are running high from the flood of hormones in her body. She’s likely feeling tired, nauseous, and afraid. You may be frightened too. 

You’re both wondering what family and friends will say. You must support each other to work toward a solution. The following are a few ways you can offer your support:

  • Let her speak freely. She needs a safe place to share her feelings and fears. She needs to know she can talk with you without manipulation or condemnation.
  • Accompany her to her appointments. She will appreciate your presence in the waiting room or during her ultrasound scans.
  • Open up about your feelings. Don’t just say, “Whatever you want to do.” Keep the lines of communication open.

Research Your Options Together

Believe it or not, you do have options. You can consider abortion, making an adoption plan for your child, or choosing to co-parent. None of these decisions is easy, so take time.

Learn the side effects and potential risks of abortion. Speak with an adoption specialist about the adoption process and how you can be involved. Or, discuss the co-parenting process and how that looks for each of you.

You can get information on all of your options by scheduling a consultation at the Pregnancy Center. Get on the same page by weighing the pros and cons of all three pregnancy options and thinking through what life could look like if you chose each one.

Ready to Talk About Your Future?

If you and your partner are facing an unplanned pregnancy, schedule an appointment with us. All of our conversations and her test results remain strictly confidential. We’re open from noon to 5 pm Monday –  Thursday. 

Rest assured. We’re here for both of you. If you need someone to talk with, some advice, or have questions, call or text us at 1-800-712-HELP (4357). Your voice matters.

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