If your pregnancy test came back positive, you may have a lot of questions.

“How could this have happened?” “What options do I have?” “What should I do next?”

These are all common questions and it’s important to find answers before choosing your next steps. An ultrasound provides valuable information about your pregnancy so you can make an informed decision about your next steps. Specifically, it answers three primary questions.

How Far Along Is The Pregnancy?

How far along you are in your pregnancy will determine a lot about the next steps you can take. An ultrasound uses a probe on your abdomen to produce sound waves to generate a picture of the inside of your uterus.

The nurse administering the ultrasound will then be able to take measurements of the fetus to determine how far into your pregnancy you are. If you’re considering an abortion, this information is important because it will determine what kind of procedure you can pursue.

Where Is The Pregnancy Located?

The second question you need to have answered is about where the pregnancy is located. In a normal, healthy pregnancy, the embryo implants in the lining of your uterus. Sometimes, though, an embryo implants somewhere else, which can pose dangerous health risks for you if left undetected.

This is called an ectopic pregnancy or tubal pregnancy because the embryo typically implants in the Fallopian tubes. It’s a nonviable pregnancy and requires a different procedure than an abortion to have it removed. If your pregnancy test is positive but the ultrasound reveals your uterus is empty, you will need to seek medical attention immediately.

Is The Pregnancy Viable?

Sometimes pregnancies are located in the uterus but are still not viable. For example, your pregnancy test could be positive, but an ultrasound could reveal an early miscarriage. This diagnosis means you should schedule an appointment with your doctor to determine the next steps for you.

Regardless of which option you’re considering for you unplanned pregnancy — abortion, adoption, or parenting — an ultrasound will help determine how you should plan and make decisions for your future.

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