If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, adoption is an option you might not have considered before. Many women who aren’t ready to be a parent but also aren’t comfortable with abortion choose this option and find fulfillment and comfort knowing they are helping someone else complete their family.

Adoption used to have a negative connotation as something that should be hidden. There was shame and guilt associated with it, but thankfully those perceptions have changed in recent years! While it is a difficult decision, improvements have been made to the adoption process to make it easier and better for the birth mother, adoptive parents, and child.

What Type Of Adoption Is Right For You?

There are a few different options you have when it comes to adoption. No one choice is the right one, you just have to determine which is the one you’re most comfortable with.

Open Adoption

An open adoption allows for the most communication, connection, and relationship between you, your child, and the adoptive family. In an open adoption, your child will know you and you’ll get to play a role in their life. This has proven to be an extremely healthy option for all parties involved.

In an open adoption, you will work with a mediating party and the adoptive parents to choose what kind of relationship you’ll have with the family moving forward. Your child will know you, and you can even arrange sometimes to have time with your child as he or she grows up. There are many options available with this type of adoption!

Closed Adoption

Some women who choose adoption prefer to have no communication with the adoptive family or child. They want this chapter of their lives to come to a close and to be able to move on with their life. This is a perfectly valid option and one many women choose.

In a closed adoption, the birth records will be closed, and there will be no communication between you and the adoptive family. After birth, you’ll sign the adoption papers and the process will be over.

Semi-Open Adoption

Just like it sounds, a semi-open adoption is somewhere between an open and closed adoption. The terms can be negotiated and set by you and the adoptive family and you don’t have to agree to anything you aren’t comfortable with.

This option allows you to have some kind of defined relationship with your child without the ongoing connection of a totally open adoption.

Next Steps for Adoption

If you are considering an adoption for your unplanned pregnancy, we can connect you to an adoption agency to learn more and help you understand all of your options. The adoptive family typically covers all of your pregnancy expenses, making this an affordable option for you.

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about adoption or need help finding the right adoption agency for you!

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