How Do I Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant?

When facing an unexpected pregnancy, sharing the news with your partner or parents can be challenging.

It’s a hard moment, but getting the announcement out can end the stress of wondering what your parents might say or think. 

Here are a few tips for telling your parents about your pregnancy.

1. Consider Their Reaction

Over the years, you’ve likely seen your parents in many different situations. How did they react under pressure? Were they generally understanding when you made a mistake? Do they have tempers?

You’ve had a behind-the-scenes look at your parents throughout your childhood. Memories and experiences can give clues about their reaction, but this situation is unique. 

While you might not know their exact reaction, you’ll likely know whether you have any safety concerns. If you are concerned about your safety, consider telling your parents over the phone, in a public place, or the presence of someone not directly involved with the situation (not your partner).

2. Select the Timing

If you’ve ruled out safety concerns or taken safety precautions, you’ll want to choose the optimal timing next. Wait for a moment when your parents are available timewise and emotionally.

If they seem preoccupied, in the middle of a task, or simply irritated or upset about something else, another time will work better. Any additional emotions can distort their genuine reaction to your news. 

If you’re telling two parents about your situation, you could also consider telling one or each separately. Perhaps, telling your mother first can make it easier to tell your father later if she has a gift for calming him down. When and who you tell is entirely up to you and your family dynamic.

While you might want to get the conversation done and over with, timing can make a world of difference.

3. Set the Stage and the Atmosphere

Picture the best possible atmosphere to tell the news. A calm or serene atmosphere or sitting on a comfortable couch can only improve the outcome. 

You can watch a favorite show with your parents first or reminisce about your memories. It really depends on your relationship. 

4. Share the News 

While you’ll never fully prepare them for unexpected news, the time will come to share. You might be nervous or even feel shaky, but clearly communicate the situation and your feelings the best you can. 

Give your parents a moment to process because it took you time too. Be aware that this is the heat of the moment. Things can be said that aren’t meant or thoroughly thought out. Give yourself and your parents grace in the coming days.

Please know your pregnancy decision is yours to make. If anyone, including your parents, tries to pressure you, remember it’s not their place. 

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