How Do I Support My Friend Experiencing an Unexpected Pregnancy?

It can be difficult to figure out how to best support a friend experiencing an unexpected pregnancy. Perhaps you are afraid of saying the wrong thing, or worried that they won’t feel adequately supported during this time. 

It is important to remember that just being there for your friend is a great place to start. Your friend may be feeling scared and overwhelmed, so your support and encouragement will mean a great deal. 

Helping in small ways, such as spending time with them or offering to do some household chores, will allow them to think about their options without the stress of everyday life weighing on their mind. 

Creating a Safe, Secure Environment

If your friend is open to talking about her unexpected pregnancy, the location of that conversation plays a larger role than you might think. She needs to be in an environment that is safe and nurturing, as well as one that allows her to be open and honest about her situation. 

Speaking with her at her home or in another familiar environment may make her feel more at ease and unafraid to share her thoughts on her unexpected pregnancy. Listening with a nonjudgmental, compassionate attitude will make your friend feel safe and supported as she navigates this journey. 

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your friend is simply be there and listen. Your presence may make her feel at ease, and encouraging her as she decides which option is best for her will be a wonderful support. 

How Can I Help My Friend Find Good Resources?

There are a few steps your friend will need to take as she considers her pregnancy options, including checking to see if she has a viable pregnancy and how far along she is. Viability and gestational age can help her determine which procedures she is eligible for, as well as whether she needs further medical treatment. 

At The Pregnancy Center, we offer free pregnancy testing services, as well as free, limited ultrasounds, which will tell your friend whether her pregnancy is viable, the pregnancy’s location, and her gestational age. 

We also offer free and confidential options counseling so that your friend can make an informed, educated choice about her pregnancy. Our no-cost services will ensure that your friend does not have to worry about financial stress at this time.

Your friend can contact us to schedule an appointment. We are here for her during this journey. Thank you for being a source of support!

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