How Do I Support My Friend Experiencing an Unexpected Pregnancy?

Knowing how to support a friend who’s facing an unexpected pregnancy can be difficult. Maybe you’re worried about giving them unhelpful advice or saying the wrong thing, or perhaps you’re even concerned about how this might affect your friendship. 

No matter what you’re feeling, your friend needs your support now more than ever. And there are steps you can take to ensure that your friend experiences the support they need during this time.

Actively Listen

One of the best things you can do for your friend is to actively listen to how they’re feeling and what they’re experiencing. Active listening means that you take the time to be fully present without any distractions. 

Make eye contact, and once they’re done speaking, you can ask follow-up questions to encourage them to go deeper in their response. This technique demonstrates empathy and will help your friend feel supported by your desire to understand what they’re going through. 

Create a Safe Space

When you’re actively listening to your friend, let them know that you aren’t judging them. This will create a mental space where your friend feels safe to share their thoughts and feelings. 

The physical space is also important. Allow your friend to share in the atmosphere that feels most comfortable for them—this might be their own home, outside, or in a public setting.

Offer Practical Help

Offering to practically help your friend will also help them feel supported. Things like helping them with household chores, attending appointments with them, or taking a walk together can all help your friend take their mind off worries and know they’re cared for.

Point Them to Resources

If your friend received a positive at-home pregnancy test, there are actions they need to take to ensure their health. 

The first step is receiving a lab-quality pregnancy test and an accompanying ultrasound. These will confirm that your friend is pregnant, the gestational age of the pregnancy, and that it’s developing in the correct location. This information is important as your friend contemplates their next steps. 

We offer free and confidential pregnancy testing and limited ultrasounds by appointment, and we also provide information and resources that can help your friend make an informed decision moving forward.

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