Does The Overturning Of Roe V. Wade Affect Iowa?

Yes, the overturning of Roe v. Wade will affect Iowa. However, to what extent remains unseen? Before the overturning, Iowa had already enforced several abortion laws. After the Supreme Court’s ruling, one new law was enacted in IA: a 24-hour waiting period. However, to understand how Roe v. Wade will further impact Iowa, it’s important to consider what this overruling meant for states individually.

What Did Roe v. Wade Do?

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, it retracted the right to an elective abortion to be a constitutional right.

Instead, the Supreme Court decided the right to decide on this issue belonged to the states and the citizens of that state.

Now, the people of each state have the power to elect delegates who will speak on their behalf on which abortion laws should be enforced in their state. 

Impacts of Roe v. Wade nationwide will be fluctuations in abortion laws as views change and new delegates are elected.

What Are Iowa’s Abortion Laws?

As different individuals are elected, laws may change from time to time. To stay current on what rules are currently followed, each state’s laws much be consulted.

According to Iowa’s Supreme Court, the following are current restrictions on abortion in the state of Iowa:

  • Counseling is provided first; then, a 24-hour waiting period is observed.
  • Women must have an ultrasound performed to determine fetal age.
  • Women must have the ability to view said ultrasound.
  • Women must be counseled on all available options, including adoption.
  • Women must be advised on all the risks of an abortion procedure.
  • Lastly, as stated by Code 2022, Section 135L.3, minors must give parental notification or receive a judge’s approval to bypass.

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